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 Created to inspire thought and empower souls

Iā€™m a 22 year old textile artist, photographer and adventurer currently located on the Washington Coast. I've been traveling around the world for the past two years, sometimes calling places "home" for a little while and creating handwoven wall hangings everywhere in between. I feel most at home while in nature. The textures, colors and sounds of Mother Earth inspire me to create what I do.
I hope to create something breathtaking for each person's home, radiating a positive energy into each environment.

Behind the mantra

I believe in the power of thought and intuition. These mantras are powerful phrases that can higher your sense of consciousness. Weaving is my meditation, and these words remind me to be my best self, act with love, and move through the world with kindness. I have my own meaning and significance for each of these mantras, but more importantly, when you receive one of my handcrafted pieces with its mantra, you have the freedom to create and apply your own meaning to these powerful phrases.

MY Goal

My goal with this is to not only provide a quality, unique, and sustainable product for your home, but to also provide a meaning behind the product. I want my customers to be empowered every time they look at their unique piece; following their intuition, creating their own reality, living in the moment, appreciating more, and being their most beautiful Self. 


The Story of Happy Mountain Designs